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Client side mods

Discussion in 'Mods and Plugins (Archive)' started by Paul, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Paul Member

    Speaking of client-side mods (like the dye-able wolf collars), does anyone else have any to recommend?

    I'm thinking of trying ConvenientInventory.
  2. Newt uses ConvenientInventory and swears by it

    I've installed Optimine. It rips out the OpenGL innards of MC's world renderer, replaces it with something more efficient (less glClear() calls etc.). That can boost FPS quite a bit (especially on laptops and less well endowed computers). It used to be the recommended counterpart to Scavious McRegion before that was folded into the MC code proper in 1.3. Maybe Optimine will make it in soon too.

    Most other client mods I've seen are cheats/hacks. Things like local maps in a HUD, some of which show local ore deposits. Inventory hacks. Larger inventories. Things like that which shouldn't be allowed.
  3. Paul Member

    I'm going to try out the ConvenientInventory mod, thanks. My framerate is sufficient already, so I'll pass on Optimine.
    But since the inventory became server-side (as of beta 1.2 or thereabouts), I would have thought that the only kind of inventory hack that is possible now is something like ConvenientInventory, which doesn't actually change the quantities, just moves things around faster.

    In my book, a mod which shows local ore deposits is cheating, like using an X-ray texture. (Then again, I have used F3 when I'm mining, to figure out which direction that monster's sound is coming from.)

    I have a suspicion that our now-banned griefing trio were using a client-side "fly" mod. On the server where my son admins, if a non-admin is caught using a fly mod, they are banned.
  4. The griefing-3 were guilty of many things, but I never saw them flying :D
  5. Newtkiller17 Member

    yeah, convientinventory is one of my favorite mods ever, the ability to alt-click all the stacks in your inventory into a chest is so handy. especially when you are working on sorting out a storehouse.

    the middle click works well too, sorting things rather quickly by their block ids and item ids, even sorting them by damage (from least to greatest). And Optimine is one of my favorites too. However one of my recent favorite client side mods is a "Sticky Shift" mod I wrote for myself (shift is a toggle not a hold). Helps really well while building.
  6. Paul Member

    Sticky Shift sounds very useful as well!
  7. Installed StickyKeys today. Toggling sneak is very useful when building bridges!

    Put ConvientInventory on too while I was at it. Also highly recommended...no more drag 'n' drop into chests for me!
  8. Newtkiller17 Member

    lol I will never use the "cheating" mods, but convient mods i'm all for, convientinventory is one such mod, stickykeys is too and of course optimine, small things like this add what should've always been in the game from the beginning, but notch forgot or didnt bother to add.

    so more power to the modders with respectable mods.
  9. Sixpak Administrator

    How about compiling up a list of useful client side mods with links?
  10. That would be handy. Not too lazy to search (I can find most when mentioned), but a library of resources and relevant mods would be useful. Maybe for casual bods like me, a quick instruction as to which folders to unzip/install to would be useful? Blessings upon you all.
  11. Sixpak Administrator

    Absolutely fantastic write-ups Andrew! You have my sincere thanks. I'll be checking some of those mods out.
  12. Many thanks, Andy. May you always have light in dark places.
  13. Newtkiller17 Member

  14. I've put on Convenient Inventory for 1.0.0, but I'm taking it off again.

    They STILL haven't fixed the weird bug where (after a certain time) you lose all ability to transfer items in/out of chests or change the item in your hand (it merely changes the active item in your hand to whatever you click). This is still only fixable through client restart.

    Since the shift-click in vanilla minecraft works for stack transfer/auto-craft, doubt I'll bother with this client mod again.

    In better news, OptiFine's been released for 1.0.0 and seems to work well. Huzzah!

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